Working collaboratively with clients and stakeholders to move communities forward


Working collaboratively with clients and stakeholders to move communities forward


The foundation of good planning is understanding where you are, envisioning where you want to go, and charting a course to get there. The fuel that powers the process is collaboration. From gathering quality data, to articulating a common vision, to building consensus, collaboration is the key to creating meaningful change.


At E & E, we have worked on groundbreaking regional and state-wide sustainability and resilience plans, award-winning military master planning technology solutions, and critical emergency management and planning efforts. Our portfolio of communication infrastructure projects is connecting the world through fiber optic cable systems. Our transportation planners are working to building more efficient rail and port systems. We have a 35-year history of providing successful and responsive encroachment, planning, and related services at DOD air stations and bases, weapons ranges, and onshore and offshore range complexes, providing innovative approaches for implementing real solutions to the encroachment-related challenges facing the warfighter.  And our extensive brownfield redevelopment planning work is breathing new life into abandoned parcels across the urban landscape. Working collaboratively with clients and stakeholders across all sectors, we help to move communities forward.



• Emergency Management and Planning

• Public Involvement and Stakeholder

• Sustainability and Resilience Planning

• Master Planning and Design

• Land Use Planning

• DOD Encroachment and
   Mission Sustainment Planning

For more information, contact

Dan Castle, AICP, Vice President

DOD Encroachment Planning
Carrie Kyzar

Emergency and Resilience Planning
Matthew Lieuallen, J.D.

Master Planning
Sean Ebersold, AICP

Public Involvement/Stakeholder Engagement
Deepali McCloe

How do you take a mature federal program to the next level and maximize its effectiveness? E & E's Rachel Wiggins, P.E. and PHC's Michael Kane tackle the question in The Future of Encroachment Management.